Meet Our Students

At Serving Hope our students are family. We are grateful for their commitment and dedication to the program. Check out our current students below!


Is Serving Hope’s first official student! Lori has worked in the food service industry in the past; however, came to Serving Hope to learn more about the hospitality industry and to refocus her life. Lori prides herself in her work ethic and optimism. Lori started working in restaurants when she was 15. She is a natural when it comes to waiting tables and enjoys giving great customer service.

“I feel blessed that God led me to Serving Hope and I am proud to be the first student! I LOVE going to train everyday. I have grown a lot since March 1st. I would love to become a full time permanent employee when I graduate from Serving Hope. I feel this is God’s will and blessing.”

She is the loving mother of a beautiful and affectionate 3 year old girl. Lori spends her free time playing with and spoiling her little one.


She is Serving Hope’s Second official student! Rainda has always had a passion for cooking. She enjoys binge watching all types of cooking shows and would love to meet some of tv’s famous chefs one day.

“Cyn Shea’s has given me a close and personal look and experience at what the culinary and hospitality industry is about. I love each and every moment. I thank God for granting a once in a lifetime experience and a wonderful opportunity.”

Family is very important to Rainda she has one brother and one sister and is the baby of the family. Rainda; herself, is a proud mother of three and has two handsome grandsons. She hopes to get to travel the world one day and would most like to visit the continent of Africa.