“Serving Hope by teaching food service work and life skills through Christ’s love” 

Our mission succinctly sums up our desires for Serving Hope, Inc. At serving hope we seek to teach the underserved communities of Huntsville and greater Madison County life skills training and ServSafe certification. The skills and certification obtained from our program will aid our graduates in finding gainful employment and build character. Our ultimate goal is to be an institution that helps build family prosperity through the hope and love of Jesus Christ. We wish to be a ‘Hand Up’ not a ‘Hand Out’ to those who need it most.

Serving Hope Motto:

“… Love thy neighbor as thyself ”
– Mark 12:31


Serving Hope, Inc. curriculum includes ‘hands-on’ experience while working in a functioning café, Cyn Shea’s Café (a division of Serving Hope, Inc.). All staff members of the café are teachers or students of Serving Hope, Inc. under the direction of Cynthia Shea Hart.

Serving Hope Students are equipped with:

      ServSafe Certification


      Culinary Skills


      Workplace Etiquette


      Farm-to-table Experience


      Financial Planning


      Personal Grooming


      Interview/Resume Preparedness




All students are paid wages for work performed during ‘hands-on’ instruction in the café. Upon completion of the Serving Hope program we work with our students and local businesses within the hospitality industry for job


Love is the single most important part of the Serving Hope experience. At Serving Hope we spread love, inspire self-confidence, and bolster self-worth through the grace and redeeming love of Jesus Christ. Our curriculum is designed to empower and enrich our students with the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market.

Serving Hope enrolls community members over the age 18 which include: Veterans; drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation program graduates; low-income individuals, victims of domestic abuse; and individuals with disabilities, as defined under Federal law. Through love, Serving Hope students are provided with access to counseling services and corporate chaplaincy for emotional and spiritual healing while receiving their education.