Prospective Students

At Serving Hope, Inc., we teach culinary and workplace skills and focus on improving attitudes and instilling behaviors that will improve our students lives both on and off of the job. We make every effort to work with our students but ultimately, the success or failure of a student is entirely up to them.

Serving Hope Students should demonstrate a willingness to learn and a desire to be coached about life skills as well as culinary skills. Ideal Serving Hope students understand that life long learning is a huge key to success and that a positive attitude counts… in a big way!

We encourage our Students to evaluate their current behavior and identify habits that will have a negative effect on their training such as excessive drinking, drug use, and self-defeating actions/thought processes that inhibit them from reaching their goals. Once these destructive patterns are distinguished, through the program we teach positive coping mechanisms, encourage accountability and positive thinking, and provide our candidates with access to mental and spiritual aid.

If accepted into the Program, our Students are expected to participate, required to follow the rules and demonstrate a true desire to build the foundation for a successful future.